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Rough guide vs lonely planet Ian Wright, we loved you way back when. · Lonely Planet Thailand writer vs The Rough Guide to Thailand writers. The standard guide books like Lonely Planet and Rough rough Guide are more mainstream and will highlight all the main sight. More information than most people need. I can&39;t comment on the newly released edition but with the edition I didn&39;t have any major issue, I used it mainly for information on the sites themselves, with most guides you will find the prices rough guide vs lonely planet and opening times are sometimes rough guide vs lonely planet off so do a search on here. A great way to ease yourself into researching a place you&39;re travelling to is to pick vs up a novel about it. Lonely Planet travel guides cost around for city/small area guides, and to for country guides. They are much more useful for reading at home to decide what it is that are the places you really want to see.

· the rough guide to a lonely planet Travelling is a real passion of mine and rough guide vs lonely planet one which I could talk about endlessly. Rough Guides versus Lonely Planet rough guide vs lonely planet guides, your opinion? You are better getting a book dedicated lonely to your first destination. Neither are particularly good for restaurant recommendations. LP did not have the up to date area codes (the leading 0 has been changed to a 2). Home; Book reviews; Book reviews. lonely ) when we travelled. Buy The Rough Guide lonely to Norway direct from Rough Guide or on Amazon (Amazon⇒) Book Information Title: The Rough Guide to Norway (RRP rough guide vs lonely planet £13.

, Lonely Planet’s “West Africa”). So I wonder which travel guide is the best. Find a destination, look for inspiration, read features and get great travel advice, from Rough Guides – the leading publisher of travel and reference guides. In the year I’ve been using the latest editions of both books I’ve also noticed The Rough Guide has more content than the Lonely rough Planet Thailand book does for most of rough guide vs lonely planet the destinations I specifically go to. I also like the "Let&39;s Go" series. Lonely Planet throws more information at you than you’ll ever need, which is a good thing because you’re getting a ton of bang for your buck. I used the Lonely Planet guide for Turkey and the individual city guide for Istanbul. Lonely Planet had more photos and more colour than The Rough Guide too.

But, how good I find it totally depends on the author. I remember being shocked at just how thin the pages of The Rough Guide were – suspecting they might tear vs all too easily when in active use &39;out in the field&39;. The Lonely Planet series offers comprehensive, no-nonsense facts, low- and mid-budget listings, and helpful on-the-ground travel tips. If you spend a few minutes skimming each, you&39;ll get a sense of which author has rough guide vs lonely planet put more love rough guide vs lonely planet into their book. Rough Guides, Lonely Planet and Footprint – Travel Guides — I use their country, area or city guides when rough guide vs lonely planet planning an independent trip but rarely take them rough guide vs lonely planet with me unless going to many of the countries listed in the book (e. Fodor’s Travel: Fodor’s has been dishing out travel advice and publishing guidebooks for 80 years.

Most travelers only need the areas around Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi. Fodor’s guides are also updated every two to three years depending on the location. . · Rough Guide Sri Lanke = rub. background info = rough guide vs lonely planet rough guide. Looking for travel info I assiduously avoided all things Lonely Planet and took only a map. 99) ISBN: 978-1.

I already plan on getting the NZ Frenzy books for both islands for outdoor stuff. Rough Guide is fine for maps and directions, and I preferred it to the Lonely Planet Japan guide as it seemed a bit more detailed. Actually I start planning my trip to South Africa in.

planet Lonely rough guide vs lonely planet Planet has just published a new edition (May ) of its Norway guide. Generally, the more popular the location, rough guide vs lonely planet the more often the guide will be updated. For some regions, the Lonely Planet is better than the Rough Guide. I find the planet Rough Guides are not just a pocket travel guide, there&39;s quite a lot of background history for the countries/regions in question which I always enjoy reading. These books are especially well attuned to the needs of older. Students and backpackers (Let&39;s Go, Lonely Planet shoestring series), Adult budget travelers vs (Pauline Frommer&39;s guides, Rough Guides.

However rough guide vs lonely planet LP has a tendency to get things out of date and their accommodation &39;picks&39; are suspect at best. I like to stand by my Lonely Planet guide (I like the overall layout and they way they rough guide vs lonely planet list accomodations based on price), but I&39;d recommend taking a planet look through rough guide vs lonely planet the Rough Guide to make your own opinion. I prefer the Rough Guide&39;s narratives to Lonely Planet&39;s, but that&39;s just me. The current Rough Guide to Norway was published in June (5th edition), so might be due for updating soon. What format does lonely planet guides come in? As you move along it is easy to pickup a used or bootleg guide for your next country.

Lonely Planet has traditionally rough guide vs lonely planet been better on information for the independent or budget traveller, rough guide vs lonely planet but I actually think the Rough Guide has a lot more pages for your money, so on balance, if I had to take just one, it would be that one. Re: Guide books- Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. South East Asia on a Shoestring, etc. How much are Lonely rough Planet travel guides? If you don’t want to travel with a physical book (though I recommend it), Lonely Planet guides come in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats for your favorite ebook readers and tablets (in color where available). I did better by choosing my own or asking my accommodation rough guide vs lonely planet for recommendations. Lonely Planet guides are updated with new editions every two years or so.

Whereas RG tends to give you an outline of vs the place LP takes you right to the heart. · Answer 1 of 5: Just wondering if anyone has any input on which guide book was best for NZ specifically - Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. Buy direct from Lonely Planet – the world’s best lonely travel guidebooks. ANy Lonely planet written by someone who studied at SOAS is usually pretty good in my book. Now in its second edition the Lonely Planet Guide To Crete has improved immeasurably upon somewhat rude beginnings of the 1 st edition of, while the Rough Guide To Crete has remained consistently good throughout its four updates since its first edition of 1988.

I see some people say rough guide vs lonely planet that Rough Guides are better than LP but I would like to hear why you think so( or don&39;t) I have used a lot of. · Answer 1 of 5: Just wondering if anyone has any rough guide vs lonely planet input on which guide book was best for NZ specifically - Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. · When we lived in Australia, Lonely Planet seemed to be the most easily available guidebook vs rough guide vs lonely planet and we used their various guides (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, etc.

It also had heavier stock paper. I usually buy the Lonely Planet. In addition, for many properties in the north they had a 5 digit phone number, when now they are all six. My main destinations will be Cape town and Kruger, so I need information about the Cape as well as about safaris. Digital Versions and Mobile Apps: Both Can Be Found On Your Favorite Devices. Or lonely planet, Southeast Asia on a shoestring.

In others, it&39;s the reverse. I use the Insight Guides, with their narrative travelogue format and gorgeous photography, for my first exploration of a potential destination, but for rough guide vs lonely planet the actual trip, I depend on other guidebooks that rough guide vs lonely planet have more complete rough guide vs lonely planet hotel and restaurant listings. 3K posts Lonely Planet is much more thorough than Rough Guide. Read some history, delve into a memoir or biography, or skim over some potted politics. Rough Guides Ltd is a British travel guidebook and reference publisher, which has been owned by APA rough guide vs lonely planet Publications since November.

We went to south America last fall. Lonely Planet rough guide vs lonely planet and Rough Guide are the two most recommended guides from vs what I&39;ve heard. Then I choose the Rough Guide for that country instead. Along the vs way I met travelers, all of whom had Lonely Planet guides, and all of rough guide vs lonely planet whom went to the same places. · Lonely planet vs. Depends on the length of your trip. They prefer to hire local writers based in each destination for their guidebooks instead of travel writers.

Discover hundreds of varieties of whisky, take the challenge of walking the West Highland Way and rough guide vs lonely planet savour some of Europe&39;s. How often are Lonely Planet guides updated? Everyone uses the LP so sometimes you feel like you´re just following the masses around, but it is the most reliable of all the guides in my opinion if you rough are travelling independently by public transport. rough guide vs lonely planet In addition to publishing vs guidebooks, the company also provides a tailor-made trips service based on customers’ individual criteria. They cater for all types of travellers, although I like rough guide vs lonely planet the Lonely PLanet do special editions planet solely for backpackers, e. And really, I don’t think it’s about the information so much anymore – that’s easily accessible on the internet. Frommer&39;s Guides: The granddaddy of travel publishing, Arthur Frommer has reinvented his series rough guide vs lonely planet to be leaner and more focused on the budget traveler. Some focus on the sightseeing, art, and history (Michelin Green Guides, rough Blue Guides, Companion Guides, Insight).

· The Blue rough guide vs lonely planet Guides give far and away the best historical information, but the Rough Guide and the Lonely Planet- provided they are up to date give much more practical useful stuff. Whilst in Reykjavik I looked at other people’s copies of rough guide vs lonely planet the more recent Lonely Planet. rough guide vs lonely planet It also mentions places the Lonely Planet guide doesn’t seem to get to. rough guide vs lonely planet planet I find then easier to lonely read than the Rough Guide. . I dont think the Rough Guide is overall less good, but I still tend to go for the Lonely Planet, unless I hear that it is not so good for a particular country.

· 1. · I chose the Rough Guide as it was more up-to-date than the Lonely Planet (ok, only by a month which probably makes no difference at all) and I’d used the Lonely Planet last time and fancied a change. ― Pete, Thursday, 15 lonely August 00:00 (seventeen years ago) link. Guidebooks seem to drawing readers just on brand power, pulling people in to see the places Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Let’s Go, rough guide vs lonely planet etc. I like Rough Guide too. Fodor’s Travel : Fodor’s has been dishing out travel advice and publishing guidebooks. Honestly the region guides are trash, they leave out far too much info. | On Your Bike - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree.

Lonely Planet Scotland&39;s Highlands & Islands is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, rough guide vs lonely planet and what hidden discoveries await you. Rough Guide Mexico = good, Lonely Planet Mexico = k-rub. My personal preference is for Rough Guides but either would do and i have them both ahead of other mainstream guide. Guidebooks are becoming more of an at-home pre-planning fixture. Rough Guide had more up to date phone numbers. Text is easier to lonely read than the Rough Guide. I prefer to take 2 guides, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or Footprint guide.